WikiRank upgrade: fair popularity and new features

We are pleased to announce that WikiRank has been upgraded to version 1.01 – fair popularity and more features for quality assessment of Wikipedia articles in different languages. The new version introduces also graphical and technical improvements.

Quality score

Quality scores for the top 5 language versions of Wikipedia article about Limoges
In WikiRank quality score is calculated based on important indicators (features or metrics) of the Wikipedia article which were described in various scientific works. In new version we add additional indicator to the quality model – number of authors which contributed to the Wikipedia article.

In new version of WikiRank quality is depicted as a puzzle with 4 pieces. Material of those puzzle pieces depends on quality score.

Fair popularity

After analysis of pageview data of Wikipedia articles from 2008 till 2020 in different languages we observed that visitors number for some articles was “overclocked” in some periods of time. Therefore, we decide to provide additional modification of the pageview statistics for such cases and change this number (usually by reduction). Fairness of statistics for each article in selected language version in selected months can be assessed using such indicators as: number of the edits and authors, page protection, the rate of citation increasing of the article, popularity statistics of related keywords (phrases) in Google Trends and others. This approach is used for monthly rankings. In future we plan to provide fair popularity methods also for daily rankings.

The most popular language versions of the Wikipedia article about Tomsk
In new version of WikiRank popularity is depicted as a banknotes with the face value appropriate to pageview value. Additionally banknotes contains various elements in bronze, silver or gold (dependent on face value). Each article can have such banknote in local (for example German) and global version.

WikiRank allows to compare popularity of an article in different language versions of Wikipedia for recent time. To calculate relative popularity WikiRank now uses pageviews statistics from last considered month and for 3 recent months.

Authors Interest (AI)

Language versions of the Wikipedia article about Munich with the highest AI
WikiRank can show articles with the largest number of authors for selected language version of Wikipedia for all year or for each months from 2002 till 2020. Additionally, WikiRank can show global number of authors – the sum of the authors names from each language version of the selected article. Compared to the previous version of WikiRank, now authors with the same names which provided edits in different languages will be considered as different authors. This is done to promote multilingual editing in Wikipedia.

Ranking of articles with AI score for all time is also available for selected language versions of Wikipedia (for example Spanish) and global.

Citation Index (CI)

Language versions of Wikipedia article about Canada with the highest Citation Index (CI)
Wikipedia articles often contains links to other Wikipedia articles. Based on such information, we can find how many times they are cited in each language version of Wikipedia. So, Citation Index (CI) in WikiRank shows this number for selected language version (for example French) and all considered languages (global) of Wikipedia.

Citation Index is depicted in WikiRank as treasure in coins. Dependent on value of CI can be illustrated as different number of coins with various materials (bronze, silver, gold). For higher value of CI coins are placed in a pot or a chest with different material (also bronze, silver, gold).