Portuguese version of WikiRank

Portuguese version of WikiRank is now available! Results of quality assessment and popularity evaluation of millions of Wikipedia articles in different languages. Bem-vindo!

Portuguese is a Romance language that began in the Iberian Peninsula and is now spoken worldwide, particularly in Portugal, Brazil, and parts of Africa. Known as “Lusophone” for speakers and nations, it developed from Latin dialects in medieval Galicia, retaining some Celtic influences in its vocabulary.

According to Wikipedia, with over 230 million first-language speakers and up to 30 million second-language speakers, it totals around 250 million users globally. It ranks as the fifth most spoken language globally, the third most spoken European language by native speakers, and the second most spoken Romance language after Spanish. It’s predominant in South America, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, and is also a key language in Africa. Portuguese is recognized by major international organizations, including the European Union and the African Union, highlighting its global significance. In 1997, it was identified as one of the top ten most influential languages in the world.

Enriching Wikipedia in the Portuguese version is significant because it increases access to information, promotes cultural preservation, supports education, encourages linguistic diversity and fosters global communication. For example, by expanding the content available in Portuguese, millions of Lusophone users can access knowledge in their native or second language. For Portuguese speakers, especially in developing regions, having access to a vast, free knowledge base in their language supports learning and education. Additionally, It allows for the documentation and sharing of the rich Lusophone cultures and histories, preserving them for future generations. More over, it supports the global movement towards embracing linguistic diversity on the internet, ensuring that languages like Portuguese continue to thrive in the digital age. With Portuguese being influential in international relations, enhancing its presence on Wikipedia can facilitate better communication and understanding across Lusophone countries and beyond.

Main page of the Portuguese version of WikiRank: pt.wikirank.net

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